Power BI?

It’s easy to keep your file and dataset in sync with Power BI by using OneDrive or SharePoint Team Sites. However, if you don’t make changes often then saving files on a local computer will work just fine.

Flat files are a type of file that only contains one data table. Every row has the same structure and cannot have any hierarchies within it which makes this format perfect to read in Power BI.

Relational Databases are  either on-premises or in cloud environments. Example SQL (Structured Query Language) Server Database. Power BI would prompt you with 3 options to sign in, after you have added your sever and database names.

  • Windows
  •  Database
  • Microsoft Account

For Windows, use window account credentials. E.g. Azure Active Directory Credentials.

For Database, use database credentials.

For Microsoft Account, use Microsoft account credentials. This is often used for Azure Service.

 A NoSQL (or Non Relational) database doesn’t utilize table to store data in rows as with a traditional RDBMS system, instead relying on other methods such as documents/rows and key value pairs (or objects). One such example could be Azure Cosmos DB.

Create a table in Power Query Editor & in fx section type

= #shared

This will list all tables & Functions.

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