Primavera P6 integration with Power BI

We have created a demonstration to show how we can connect Primavera P6 and Microsoft Power BI. This will allow users to have all those moments where they wanted interactive dashboards with a click of a button. We will utilize the Project Control technique using Primavera & Microsoft Power BI as a tool to be on top of Project Management.

Your problem is our opportunity. We’re a team of experts who can make complex reports and topics into interactive reports that are more understandable and accessible, so that decision-making is easier. Let’s explore step by step how to get the complete project control solution using business intelligence software like Power BI. For the purpose of this demonstration, we have categorized reports under 4 main headings and subheadings.

  1. Project Timeline
  • Project area specific progress tracking [data from XER file]
  • Schedule Comparison – Baseline vs Current & Gantt Chart [data from XER file]
  • Start/Finish Variance (excluding Public Holidays & Weekends) between any two selected Project Updates. [data from XER file]
  • Look-ahead plan [data from XER file]
  • Critical Path & Multiple Critical Path [data from XER file]

2. Project Budget

  • Project Cost Analysis [data from Excel file]
  • Cost based Progress S-Curve [data from XER file]
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) [data from XER file]

3. Project Resources/Roles

  • Roles Projection (Daily/Weekly/ Monthly) [data from XER file]
  • Resources Projection (Daily/Weekly/ Monthly) [data from XER file]
  • Staffed/Unstaffed Remaining Hours [data from XER file]

4. Schedule Quality related Dashboard

  • 14 Points DCMA Quality checks [data from XER file]
  • Dangling Activities [data from XER file]

How the Demo Dashboard in Power BI was created?

Update Schedule

Update current schedule in P6.

Extract XER

Extract current & previous updates of the Schedule.

Link to Power BI

Store XER file on SharePoint & link to Power BI Desktop,

Data Modelling

Analyze Data, Model Data, Build Relationship among Tables.


Create Visuals for the Dashboard.

Demo - Sample Project

North Beach Units [NBA Project]

To demonstrate our capabilities as a project management consultancy, we created the NBA dummy program consists of six left-side villas, one central villa and six right-side villa. With the award of the Project, stakeholders are required to get started with

– Project Schedule

– Define Budget

– Allocate Resources (Manpower, Material & Machine)

– Track Project Scope, Resources, Timeline, Budget & Status reporting.

It is easy to manage the first 3 points above which mostly was done at the Tender Stage however, in most cases Project fails due to lack of tracking on 4th point. So how do we make sure that nothing slips underneath the Project Team? The answer is quite simple – “Visibility on data from day one onwards” as they say “What Gets Measured Gets Done”. Let’s explore how Visibility can be achieved utilizing Primavera P6 & Power BI as a tool.

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