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Risk Scoring Matrix

Risk scoring is a complicated process that can be difficult to understand. The Risk Scoring Matrix, which was first introduced in Primavera elder software and has been updated over time with new information about risks throughout projects To figure out how risky your project actually could be you need both an impact assessment as well as probability distribution or graphs from within the program itself- this will let us know what kind of outcomes might happen if certain events take place on our timeline for instance. if there’s an extremely large financial risk but only small probability associated with it—you might consider giving this type of assessment (in terms on severity) less weight than other calculations where consequences are more likely because they have greater impact over shorter periods timeframes or higher schedules. Risk scoring matrixes are created and managed at enterprise data levels before being applied on projects. Login to P6 EPPM, goto
Administration > Enterprise Data  > Risks > Risk Scoring Matrices.” 

When you click on + Add button,  you get 4 errors as shown below.  Always keep in mind P6 will offer to select all Threshold shown in red box that has 5×5 grid if Matrix Size selected is 5X5. P6 will not allow to select a Threshold with less or more than 5 levels. 

So let’s skip Risk Scoring Matrix for now and head to create all 4 thresholds.

Creating Threshold

Risk Thresholds

To create a Risk Threshold, goto Risk Thresholds click “+ Add” give a related name and under Cost Impact by Value dropdown, select Cost Impact by Percentage. Keep Levels set to 5 and edit the Range and Color as intended shown in red box below.

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